5 Tips for Shopping at Your Farmers Market This Fall

Farmers Market

While we’ve already shown you some of the bountiful products you’ll be able to find at a farmers market this fall, a successful shopping experience is so much more than just picking what’s in season.


As fall approaches, follow these 5 steps from Frisco Fresh Market to guarantee a fruitful and fun day at our outdoor events.

  1. Dress for the Weather

Texas falls can be pretty unpredictable. Some years the mornings are crisp and cool, while others bring a lingering heat that reminds us of seasons left behind. Regardless of the heat index, Frisco Fresh Market is ready to serve you.


Take a moment the night before your visit and check the morning temperature. Dress accordingly, so you can remain comfortable as you peruse the assortment of our favorite fall offerings.

  1. Create a Recipe List

Sure, it can be fun to show up without an agenda and just shop. However, if you know you have a nice fall dinner planned and want to have it chock full of fresh, local produce, coming with a plan is recommended.


Print out or write down a list of everything you’ll need for each recipe. We recommend using the AnyList app or the Note function on your smartphone. Both of these are great ways to create trackable lists you can check off as you fill your tote bag at the outdoor market.

  1. Take a Peek at Our Website

Before you even step onto our grounds, it’s always good to have an idea of the vendors in attendance on the day of your visit. 


Every week, we post a list of our upcoming vendors for the weekend. This is an easy way for you to think ahead and make a shopping plan that ensures you find everything you need while visiting our market.

  1. Always Take Vendor Recommendations

Our vendors are always here to help. If you have a question about which of their products would go well with a recipe or are unsure of what a specific item is, feel free to ask away.


Our vendors love to talk about their products and the process it takes to bring them from farm/workshop to booth. This fall, let some of our experts guide you towards your next favorite seasonal tradition.

  1. Go Home With More Than Food

The farmers market is known as a place to buy the best produce in town. But we also offer booth space for vendors that create decor or items that fall outside of the edible realm.


Whether you go home with some homemade fall-themed bath and body products from Ora Handicrafts, LLC or find a healthy Halloween treat for your fur babies from Pet Wants Frisco, there is always the opportunity to contribute more to local businesses that lie beyond the farms we love.

Find Your Favorite Fall Foods and More at Frisco Fresh Market

Frisco Fresh Market is proud to bring the freshest produce and artisan goods from the finest vendors in our community. No matter what your family’s tastes are, we guarantee you’ll bring home something that freshens up your next meal.


Contact us today to learn more about our current vendors and upcoming fall events. If you are a vendor that is eager to be part of our tight-knit community, we are here with open arms. Reach out to us to find out how you can become a vendor during our anticipated fall season.