How Frisco Fresh Market Keeps Our Site Safe During COVID-19

Frisco Fresh Market

Local Farmer’s Markets are a great way to keep your family healthy while also making a heavy contribution to the local economy. Everyone loves to soak in the sun at a weekend Farmer’s Market, but recently, issues surrounding COVID-19 have put a damper on how these locations should function.

At Frisco Fresh Market, we are eager to open our grounds to local foodies and vendors, but we also understand the public’s need to keep each other safe during these times. Here are the steps we’ve taken to ensure that local shopping stays healthy and germ-free.

We Require Face Coverings
As per the recent mandate from Gov. Abbott, our grounds require all vendors and guests to wear face coverings at all times. It’s been reiterated that masks help prevent the spread of the disease. So, in order to keep your time at our market a pleasant one, please, don’t forget to pack your masks before visiting us.
Hand-Washing Throughout the Day is Advised
Not only do we recommend that everyone wash their hands before and after entering the Farmer’s Market, but we encourage the precaution to be taken throughout the day. Our Farmer’s Market has the restroom capacity available to ensure that every guest can wash their hands whenever they deem it necessary.

Customer Sampling? Keep Them Pre-Packaged
One of the biggest draws to a Farmer’s Market is the free samples of local goods. However, with current safety measures in mind, all samples will be reduced to pre-packaged goods and samples.
We Ask Our Vendors to Take Extra Precautions
The quality of the vendors we select to represent us matters. That’s why not only do we look for the best local products to show at our market, but we also seek out vendors who are prepared to take the extra safety precautions we ask them to put in place.

This includes:

● All produce providers wear protective gloves
● All vendors wear face coverings
● Preventing customers from touching products they don’t intend to purchase
● Rounded costs in order to mitigate the spread of excess change
● Making staff members stay home if they are sick
● Regular sanitation of their stands between customer visits

Social Distancing is Enforced
Our market is spread out and able to enforce safe social distancing while still allowing guests to enjoy local goods at their leisure. Each vendor we have will set up shop a safe distance away from surrounding tents, and there will also be several signs and postings around the area reminding guests to remain six-feet apart for their own safety.

Explore Local Goods in Comfort with Frisco Fresh Market
At Frisco Fresh Market, we want all of our guests and vendors to enjoy the beauty of sharing local goods throughout our community. Trust us to keep our grounds as pure as the fun we serve up on them. Contact us today to learn more about upcoming events and how to become a vendor with Frisco Fresh Market.