Top Reasons to Visit a Farmers Market This Fall

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If you have not been to the farmers market in Frisco yet, now is the time to start. Fall is here, and you will find many fabulous items to try and enjoy. Shopping at the farmers market is the best way to add more fresh food to your diet and try new foods.

5 Great Reasons To Shop An Outdoor Market

  • Food Found At The Farmers Market Tastes Better

If you love the taste of fresh food, you will love the fruits and vegetables you purchase at the outdoor market. These foods come from local growers that have just harvested the foods and fall fruits and vegetables are among the tastiest you can bring home!

Most fruits and vegetables found in the supermarket have been picked while still green so they can be shipped without spoiling. This leads to fruit and vegetables that do not taste as good when eaten. By purchasing from a farmers market, delicious produce like Brussels sprouts, apples, and pears make it home from farm to table; ensuring your food tastes fresh with every bite.

  • Farmers Market Vegetables and Fruits Are Healthier

All vegetables and fruits are not created the same. Since many of the vegetables and fruits sold in the grocery stores have been picked green, they do not have the same nutrients as farm fresh foods. Fresh fruits and vegetables at the farm market have been allowed to ripen in the sun and in the soil, giving them the most vitamins and nutrients.

Vendors selling produce at our farmers market also know the integrity of their position as community providers. All fall produce sold at our outdoor market is 100% natural and contains zero additives and pesticide exposure.

Not only do these foods taste better, but they are also better for you.

  • You Can Explore New Fall Tastes

You can find many different fruits and vegetables at outdoor markets. This allows you to try new foods and new recipes to add seasonal flavor to your fall get-togethers. If you are not sure what an item is, talk to the vendor. They will give you all the important information, and maybe even some great ways to prepare the vegetables when you get home.

Make sure you check out some of the other items these vendors offer. Many market vendors also offer homemade jams, jellies, pickles, and fresh honey that may not be available year-round. Explore all of these wonderful foods and add them to your seasonal pantry.

  • You Are Supporting Your Community

The vendors that you find at our farmers market in Frisco are all local growers and creators.

You are supporting your community by purchasing fresh foods and other offerings from our vendors.

You also have the opportunity to get to know more people within your community. Talking with the vendors is a great way to connect with other people, learn different things about the foods they offer, and make an impact on the local economy by supporting local businesses.

You are also making a significant impact on the environment. When you purchase locally grown foods, you are reducing the number of foods that need to be shipped into or out of your community. This reduces emissions and makes the world a better place to live.

  • You Will Save Money Shopping At Outdoor Markets

Fall signals the start of the holiday rush. So, every dollar counts. Buying fresh produce at the farmer’s market is very affordable.

You will pay significantly lower prices for all of the foods that you purchase at Frisco Fresh Market. Why? Because you are buying direct.

When grocery stores purchase fresh foods, they must buy them from a wholesaler who has already marked up the price and then mark up the prices again so that they can make a profit. Buying direct eliminates both of these price increases, leaving you with very fresh food at very affordable prices.

Find Your Reason to Enjoy Fall at Frisco Fresh Market Today

There are many other reasons to enjoy shopping at the farmers market in Frisco. Stop by and discover all of the fall fruits and vegetables we offer at our outdoor venue. You may even be able to find some harvest time decorations for your home.

Have questions about visiting or becoming a seasonal vendor? Contact Frisco Fresh Market today to learn more!