Cake4One started as an idea owner and founder Kelly had as she trained alongside friends at El Centro. They all knew as Pastry chef students that everyone loves desserts. The more decadent the better for some, for others it’s that special something that takes care of a craving you have in the middle of the day or night.

Cake4One is a concept that caters to satisfying that sweet tooth in all of us and allowing us to decide just how much dessert we really want!
Seasonal flavors are Strawberry and Lemon, along with Italian Cream & Pumpkin Spice.

Their cocktail cakes have been really popular and started with the Pink Champagne cake and will be expanding to include the Lemon drop, Manhattan and the White Russian this Fall.

Their Vegan cakes complete the line up with the Hummingbird and the Elvis (Chocolate/peanut butter) as their standards with new flavors being created and added monthly.

At Frisco Fresh Market on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Cake4One Gallery