We are the Zuniga Family, born and raised from generations of farmers and botanist. We hand sow, grow, and harvest all of our crops together with love and gratitude. We were raised in Texas with the love and knowledge of healthy farming at the palm of our hands. We grow a wide variety of Microgreens and that could change depending on demand. But we gear towards the most nutrient dense to provide our customers with a way to add packed nutrients into their daily lives.


We strive to be the premier Microgreens supplier in North Texas, providing the best tasting and most nutritious Microgreens available. Our mission is to supply the most organic atmosphere and product for our family and to anyone we feed. We truly believe that everyone deserves to have a sufficient amount of nutrients in their daily intake. We believe health and longevity is a gift we can all enjoy just by simply eating what nature provides.


We value happiness more than anything and we believe a healthy lifestyle leads to a more enjoyable experience in life. We appreciate and practice sustainable methods of growing and harvesting. We will always only use USDA certified organic seed grown in organic soil.

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