Do you know that feeling you get after you eat something sweet full of sugar and empty calories? You will never feel that way after you eat a FRUTERA fruit salad! You will feel FULL thanks to the fiber present in fruits, and the many vitamins and minerals! You will feel HAPPY because you just ate something truly delicious, and you will walk away with the feeling that you did something great to your body! And dare we say, kids LOVE our fruit salads!

Each of our fruit salads features a combination of delicious fruits and toppings, like nuts, coconut flakes, flaxseed, honey, and pumpkin seeds, among others; ingredients you can see and taste individually, because we don’t serve you a liquid-based smoothie in a bowl.  At FRUTERA, it is all about the fruits! And you see what you pay for.  We only use dairy-free organic ice cream, and dairy-free whipped cream, because here at FRUTERA, we feel humans take too much from animals already, and in an effort to protect our environment, we only use compostable plant-made containers, spoons and napkins.

Come find us at the Frisco Fresh Market every Saturday and Sunday!

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