Custom to “Suit” your style…

IL B Dapper Custom, has been a passion project in the making by our founder for over three decades. Having an eye for high-end fashion, and the dapperness to wear it, has been both a skill and admirable distinction for years.

At IL B Dapper we not only want you to look your best, but to feel your best. That’s why we’re launching our new body care line. Our fresh scent body care products are custom blended and are exclusive to IL B Dapper.

At IL B Dapper we now offer body care products. Our body care fragrances, are one of a kind, handmade of only the best natural Products. We do not use animal products, only plant based ingredients-no alcohol, sulfates or parabens. Providing us the opportunity to offer a unique product that you will wear with pride and confidence. Lastly, each order is carefully produced and we insist on 100% perfection upon completion. You will look and feel your best! As you look and feel your best, we look better!

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