Maydelle Country Wines is one of the best “none of the above” wineries in Texas.  Using only fruits, they produce some of the most unique wines, such as Lemon, Lime, Elderberry, Ghost Pear (pear with ghost peppers), and Tropical Express (pineapple and pear).

2019 starts their 15th year in business, and things show no signs of slowing down.  They are located in the ID Fairchild State Forest, just outside the town of Maydelle, Texas, in the original Maydelle depot building, on the tracks of the Texas State Railroad.  They have received multiple awards on many of their wines, such as Reserve Class Champion at the Houston Rodeo Wine Competition, and 1st place sweet white at Grapefest.  They can be found online at, as well as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Wine Selection

  • Elderberry – old world charm, but please leave out the arsenic.  Made from certified organic grown elderberries.  Closer to a semi-sweet than sweet wine.

  • Blackberry – fresh from the field taste, with no stickers.  Not overly sweet, but as sweet as the berries themselves.

  • Peach – a sweet wine true in taste, for an interesting change try over ice cream or in cobbler.

  • East Texas Blackberry – True to its taste just like you picked them from the field…but without the stickers.  

  • Lemon Wine – a back porch favorite…  good lemonade with a kick. 6 time award winner

  • Lime Wine – We affectionately call it our “Maydelle Margarita”.  Ice, salt, sip.

  • Ghost Pear – Pear wine flavored with ghost peppers for a surprising “something different”.  Sweet with a big bite! 2018 Houston Rodeo Uncorked Wine Competition Gold medal & Reserve Class Champion.

  • Tropical Express – Pineapple and pear blended together to produce a wonderful wine that will make you think of island paradises.

Maydelle Wines Gallery