A Girl Scout’s Take Action Project – The Impact of Local Support

Farmers Market, Frisco Fresh Market

14-year-old Girl Scout Ananya contacted the Frisco Fresh Market in July about her Sow What Journey’s Take Action Project. We put her in touch with our Luffa Farmer Deb Terrell with Nature’s Circle. Here are Ananya’s findings about the impact of local support.

Agriculturist Deb Terrell, a regular vendor at Frisco Fresh Market, says that buying local is “… excellent for the economy, excellent for the climate, [and] excellent for the community.” She says that she is “a big supporter of local… it’s not just for farms too, for everything in my life.” Buying from our local farmers’ market, like Frisco Fresh Market, has the potential to grow our economy and bring our community together.

As a Girl Scout, I have been working on my Sow What? leadership Journey, in which we learn about food prints, food networks, where our food comes from, how to make our own food from scratch, etc. This Journey inspired me to connect with local farmers, learn about their work, and why we should support them. For my Take Action project, I made this short and fun quiz which seeks to encourage people to actively support and interact with their local farmers. You can check it out by clicking this link.

What is the impact of your support?

Our farmers grow our economy. Our economy employs our people. A quote from a study conducted by the US Department of Agriculture says that, “If consumers purchase food produced within a local area instead of imports from outside the area, sales are more likely to accrue to people and businesses within the area.

This may then generate additional economic impacts as workers and businesses spend the additional income on production inputs and other products within the area (Swenson, 2009).”

Farmers get less than 15¢ for each consumer dollar (FoodPrint) as a result of all of the steps that need to be taken to get food from a producer to a consumer. On the other hand, farmers’ markets can be more direct. Markets like Frisco Fresh Market also bring the community together.

It gives us a way to learn about each other, support each other, and connect. When you come to the market or check out the website, whether it is just for a stroll or to shop; your presence builds a strong sense of unity and shows that we are a community.

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