What are the Advantages of Buying Local Foods

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The Farmers Market is a great place for you and your family or friends to enjoy the sunshine and experience some of the best locally grown and produced goods that North Texas has to offer. At The Frisco Fresh Marketwe are proud to host the various vendors that occupy our grounds each weekend.

Not only are the products our vendors provide the local best of the best, but they also come with some other advantages to our customers who purchase them.

Here’s a closer look at why we firmly believe that purchases from a Farmers Market beat making a trip to a big box grocer.

Locally Grown and Made Simply Tastes Better

Locally grown foods taste better because they don’t have to travel far to get into the hands of buyers. When produce needs to be shipped and distributed, it is often harvested before ripeness hits, and although safe to eat, the taste just isn’t quite there.

However, locally sourced foods sold at a Farmers Market are typically picked within a day before being offered at the Market. Therefore, they are perfectly ripe and ready for enjoyment the day they’re sold at the Farmer’s Market. The same goes for other food items such as baked goods found at the Market, they are all made fresh, just a day or two before the Market Weekend.

Greater Food Safety

Food safety is as important as ever these days. That’s why we rely on local vendors to satisfy the needs of our customers. Locally produced goods pass through fewer hands and reduce the risk of contamination.

Also, farmers who know that a good portion of their goods is sold at a Farmers Market mostly opt to use organic pest repellent techniques. This keeps produce safe for buyers, unlike the risk that comes with mass distributed products that are protected with unhealthy pesticides.

On another note, every single one of our vendors that sells any consumable product, must first obtain a health permit from the City of Frisco Health Department. Both the Frisco Fresh Market and the Frisco Health Department work closely together on this and must approve of each item offered at the market before a vendor is allowed to sell it.

No Risk of Preservatives

Food that travels across the country needs to stay “fresh” before reaching its destination. Unfortunately, this isn’t the easiest thing to do for many products you’d find in a grocery store.

Most foods outside of a Farmers Market are riddled with chemicals and preservatives that make them shopper-friendly. However, at a Farmers Market, most everything is locally produced and preservatives aren’t a necessity. Therefore, your food is farm to table fresh.

Boosted Economy

Buying at a Farmers Market is an excellent boost to the local economy. When you purchase an item from a local vendor, not only are you directly putting money into their pockets, but you are also contributing to the community economy in a huge way.

Money earned at a Farmers Market is used at other local venues and eventually comes back around to result in better businesses and services in the area as a whole.

Keep Your Taste Buds Happy at Frisco Fresh Market

Frisco Fresh Market isn’t just a place to enjoy local goods, it’s a place to enjoy being part of a community. Our vendors are our family, and we’re eager to welcome you and yours into the fold.

If you’ve never been to a Farmers Market and want to know more about our operations and standards, contact us today! We’re ready to answer your questions and invite you over for a day in the sun you won’t soon forget.

Photo featuring Honey Badger Crossing’s produce.