How Can Farmers Markets Impact Local Economies?

Farmers Market, Frisco Fresh Market

Farmers Markets are a great place for families and entrepreneurs to meet up and enjoy local foods and crafts. However, the great outdoors and fresh offerings of a local Market aren’t the only positives of a visit to a local Market.

Here’s a look at how your favorite outdoor shopping experience can have a positive impact on its surrounding economy as well as your dinner plate.

Farmers Markets Promote Shopping Locally

When you spend money in your community, that’s money that always stays within your community. Keep in mind, the more that you purchase from a local business at a Farmers Market, the more that business is going to have to outsource and create more products.

Typically, local businesses support and buy from other local businesses to keep the local economy moving. Therefore, by shopping for locally grown produce and locally made products, you are playing your role in helping Frisco’s organic economy thrive.

Why is it important for Low-Income Communities Have Access to Healthy Foods

Locally sourced foods don’t usually cost as much money for farmers to produce. Without excess delivery costs or preservatives in the picture, farmers can sell their goods at a fair price.

For low-income communities, farmers markets can serve as a way to provide healthy, whole foods to families who otherwise couldn’t afford to shop organically at a big-box supermarket. So, by supporting your local vendors, you’re encouraging them to continue to sell their produce at affordable prices that ensure everyone in the community can enjoy them.

Local Support Creates Local Jobs

As you continue to support local businesses at an outdoor Market, you could inadvertently be creating local jobs. As farmers and local craftsmen continue to sell out their products at the Market, they’ll need to replenish their supplies for the next weekend.

Regular preparation can be hard work and require the need for extra hands around the farm, kitchen, or brick-and-mortar shop. With more money coming in from local shoppers, small businesses in Frisco have greater opportunities to create more job openings at their sites.

Some of our vendors that hire employees to keep their general operations and stall at the Market going include Great Harvest Bread Co., TuBones BBQ and SpicyZest.

They Provide a Regular Market for Local Craftsmen

Local craftsmen typically create arts and crafts for a niche Market. These aren’t always items that would typically sell in a standard store. So, your local Farmers Market gives these local vendors a chance to get social and let their products shine.

Resources Are Saved

Although this point centers on how local shopping impacts the environment of a community, we think it’s necessary to point out that shopping locally at a Farmers Market extends beyond the economy.

Local foods sold at a Farmers Market come straight from the producer. There is little traveling with the farm-to-table approach, meaning money is saved on resources and with less travel, fewer emissions are released into the environment.

Help Boost Frisco’s Economy with Frisco Fresh Market

If you are a shopper that believes in buying  as close to the community as possible, a Farmers Market is the best way to boost your local economy while meeting your nutritional needs.

Frisco Fresh Market invites you and your family to our outdoor Market over the weekends to enjoy our fresh fare and family-friendly environment.

Contact us today to learn more about our current vendors. Or, if you’re a vendor who wants to get involved with our organization, reach out and start the application process!