Why Should You opt for Organic Products from a Farmers Market?

Farmers Market, Frisco Fresh Market

As a consumer, you’ve surely heard the call for the consumption of organic produce, meat, and dairy products. However, big-box supermarkets love to hike up the prices on these goods, and many shoppers often find themselves wondering if the juice is really worth the financial squeeze.

Fortunately, outdoor Markets like the Frisco Fresh Market, represent offerings from local vendors that can sell organic goods for more affordable prices.

So, with that in mind, here are some of the key reasons why you should shop organically at a farmers market this Spring.

Organic Meats Help Reduce the Effects of Climate Change

During the organic production process, synthetic fertilizers and pesticides are never used. Farmers who produce organic goods will do so through the most natural methods like crop rotation and recycled manure.

Natural practices can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the local environment and also provide a healthy setting for produce and livestock to thrive.

Texas Forest Farm purchases organic Wagyu beef from Forum Meat Company, who source it from Rosewood Ranch. They use this beef and meat from the pigs and chicken they raise organically on their own farm in all of their delicious dishes.

You can find Texas Forest Farm at the market on Saturdays and can smell their amazing dumplings and buns from miles away!

While Farm to Freezer Meats Company is not organic, they feed their cattle naturally and traditionally with grasses and custom feed on their farms near Oakwood and throughout East Texas. Their mission is to provide the highest quality ranch-direct beef possible, in a simple, convenient and responsible manner and that is exactly what they do.

You can find Farm to Freezer Meat Company at the Market every Saturday and Sunday!

Enjoy Healthy Fats Your Body Needs

Meat and dairy organic products have a substantially higher level of healthy fats than their non-organic counterparts. Unsaturated healthy fats are essential to our bodies because they support cellular growth, give us energy, and provide natural flavor and satiety to a meal.

A farmers market is an excellent place to seek out organic products that provide essential vitamins that we get from omega-3 fatty acids. So, when you’re shopping at our outdoor Market and find an organic product that claims to have 50% more healthy fats, be sure to pick it up and fuel your family with the A, D, E, and K vitamins they need!

Organic Lowers Your Antibiotic Resistance

Non-organic producers will often use antibiotics as a way to prevent illness in livestock. Unfortunately, this is usually due to livestock being held in crowded pens or poor living conditions.

When animals that consume antibiotics are served as food, people can develop antibiotic-resistant strains that open their bodies up to health threats that could easily be avoided through organic consumption.

The organic sector has banned antibiotics and focuses on providing a clean environment for its livestock. This ensures that both animals and humans stay healthy throughout the agricultural process.

No Synthetic Hormones

Livestock that isn’t raised organically has the potential to be injected with synthetic hormones that “improve” weight and milk production.

While it’s bad enough that mainstream market meat is packed with fillers for nutrients when people ingest synthetic products, their cancer risk increases.

With organic meats, not only do you get to taste 100 percent of the meat you bring to a meal, but you can enjoy it without the fear that this product could be a catalyst for a future cancer battle.

Don’t forget about the benefits of organic produce either, which are similar if not the same to the benefits of organic meats. Honey Badger Crossing offers fresh organic produce with his wide selection of fresh vegetables at the Market every Saturday and Sunday. Eat Your Greens! Microgreens’ mission is to supply the most organic atmosphere and product for their family and to anyone they feed.

They believe that everyone deserves a sufficient amount of nutrients in their daily intake and while they are not USDA Certified they will always and only use USDA certified organic seeds for their Microgreens! Stock up on Microgreens from Eat Your Greens! at the Market on Saturdays and Sundays!

Improve Your Family’s Dinner Plates with the Help of Frisco Fresh Market!

As you can see, eating organically does have its perks, both personally and for the environment. At Frisco Fresh Market, we believe in providing a healthy happy haven for our community, and encourage you and your family to come out and enjoy the fresh offerings of our vendors.

Contact us today to learn more about our current spring vendors. Also, if you’re a vendor who wants to join our team, we want to learn more about you! Help us make a fresher tomorrow for the citizens of Frisco.