Leading Health Benefits of Purchasing Raw Honey from Local Vendors

Farmers Market, Frisco Fresh Market

Every weekend, people across Texas flock to farmers markets in their areas to partake in the freshest organic produce. While crisp vegetables, sweet fruits, and natural meats are at the center of a balanced diet, they aren’t the only products that offer health benefits at a Farmers Market.

Texas is a state that has a diverse environment that encourages the production of fresh all-natural honey from local bee farmers. At our outdoor market, we are proud to feature vendors that have raw, local honey on hand and ready for your table.

Here are some reasons why you and your family should pick up a jar of locally sourced honey the next time you’re at The Frisco FreshMarket.

Honey Possess Large Amounts of Antioxidants

Antioxidants are usually found in fruits and vegetables and help reduce the risk of diseases like heart disease and some cancers.

What many people don’t realize is that raw honey is also an excellent source of antioxidants that protect the body from cell damage. Local honey can actually have more antioxidants than its organic counterparts.

So, the next time you are at a Farmers Market, do your heart health a favor and pick up some fresh local honey from Nature’s Circle on Sundays to add to your diet, Honey Badger Crossing also sells local honey!

Honey can Be a Natural Antiseptic

Honey isn’t just something that tastes great in desserts and teas! It’s also an excellent topical antiseptic. Due to its ingredients of propolis, sugar, and hydrogen peroxide, honey kills bacteria and disinfects minor wounds and burns. Aloe Vera, move over! There’s a new natural remedy in town!

Local Honey Could Reduce Allergy Attacks

Do you suffer from local allergies? If so, pick up some raw honey from a local vendor. What’s interesting about this combination is, that honey produced within 50-miles of the area it serves provides bee pollen and propolis.

This means that locals who consume local honey will gain immunities to some allergens found in their area.

Honey is Perfect for Cold Season

This isn’t a new remedy. However, since the weather around our area is unpredictable it doesn’t hurt to recommend drinking down some honey if you get sick and develop a sore throat.

Not only can a spoonful of honey help relieve your sore throat, but it also serves as a cough suppressant. So, if you want to stifle a cough without forcing too much medicine down, have some honey throughout the day and enjoy the benefits.

In addition to honey, we also have all-natural Elderberry Syrup available at the Market on Sundays. Mama T’s Elderberry Syrup is made with organic ingredients and Texas-local, raw honey! Elderberry has all kinds of benefits for colds, flus, allergies and more!

Locally Produced Honey Helps Improve Your Digestive Tract

If you suffer from stomach ulcers or need an excellent prebiotic for your digestive system, honey gives the body the nourishment it needs to soothe ulcer pain and improve overall digestive health.

Although honey isn’t the only solution to resolving stomach problems, it’s definitely a helpful one that tastes great while it works through your digestive system.

Celebrate the Benefits of Local Honey with Your Family at Frisco Fresh Market

Frisco Fresh Market is open every weekend and is ready to welcome you and your family to our experience. Enjoy the local sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of Frisco at our local outdoor Market. We guarantee there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Contact us today for more information about our current vendors or becoming a vendor if you are interested in presenting your local goods at our event.