First-Time Farmers Market Vendor Tips


Making the move to sell your produce or homemade goods at a farmers market is a massive decision. You want to start your vending journey on the right foot. So, make sure that you consider some best practices before your first weekend as an official market vendor.

Here are 6 of the best tips we have to help make first-time vending a smooth and fulfilling experience.

  1. Plan Your Market Choice Early

Investing your time and money in being a farmers market vendor is a massive decision for your small business

Take some time to scope out the farmers market you want to become a part of. Visit the market throughout the seasons of the year and ask yourself these questions before starting an official vendor application:

  • How busy are the crowds?
  • Does the market clientele seem interested in items like yours?
  • Is there already a vendor that sells what you sell?
  • Does the market’s culture fit in with your business’s style?
  1. Start with a Small Table

Selling at a farmers market requires dedication and a time commitment. Unless you know that customers already want to flock to your booth, it’s recommended that you start off small. 

After you’ve been approved as a farmers market vendor, create a simple set-up to give your popularity and prices a test run with the visiting audience.

Once you’ve developed a groove for how to sell your products, then look into investing serious money in a tent, shelving, or any other feature of a larger set-up.

  1. Research Local Health Regulations

Farmers markets are places of business that strictly adhere to local and federal health regulations. If you plan on becoming a local vendor, make sure that your business practices also fall in line with local health departments and regulations.

From food temperature requirements to practicing proper hygiene, following proper health practices is the first necessary step towards keeping your booth open in the long term.

  1. Be Prepared to Keep Up Your Energy

Selling your products at a farmers market is one of the most direct ways to market a business. Most markets open early to crowds that don’t let up until the afternoon. 

Keeping up a personable demeanor is essential; so make sure that you are always prepared for a successful day as a vendor:

  • Get a great night’s sleep before each market day
  • Have plenty of water on hand for proper hydration
  • Come with snacks you can eat throughout the day to stay energized
  1. Prioritize Building Relationships

Any successful farmers market vendor knows that word of mouth is an essential marketing tool. 

So, while you’re vending, make sure to tell everyone you can about your business:

  • Where is your business outside of the market
  • How your products are sourced
  • What makes your booth unique

If your product is fantastic (which it most likely is), this added information will help keep your target audience talking and eventually bring in more customers eager to benefit from your brand.

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