Top 5 Vegetables That Should Always Be at the Thanksgiving Table

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Thanksgiving is almost here, and at Frisco Fresh Market, we can already predict the vibrant aromas wafting through the home as guests buy fresh produce, meats, and more at our outdoor market.

Although turkey and ham are usually the main events at this family gathering, we thought we should give vegetables (and one fruit) the praise they deserve

Here’s a look at our top 5 produce selections that your family should be thankful for this holiday season.

Why Are Vegetables Essential at a Dinner Table?

So, why so much love for our colorful and tasty side dishes? The answers are simple as to what makes produce a “must-have” at any Thanksgiving dinner:

  • Vegetables give your body major boosts of essential minerals 
  • Vegetables provide healthy fats your body needs
  • Produce bulks up your meal, giving you the satisfying feeling you crave after a delicious Thanksgiving dinner

What Are the Top 5 Produce Options You Should Always Serve at Thanksgiving?

Now that we have your brain focused on the most beneficial foods at a Thanksgiving dinner, let’s dig into our top 5 produce selections.

1. Sweet Potatoes

Yes, mashed potatoes are one of the biggest draws to any meal. But did you know that sweet potatoes are both filling and pack one of the healthiest punches in the produce aisle?

Just a half cup of sweet potato gives the body almost 4 times the amount of daily Vitamin A it needs, a healthy dose of Vitamin C, as well as fiber that helps regulate your body’s systems.

2. Brussels Sprouts

Brussel sprouts also boast a healthy amount of Vitamins A, C, and fiber. However, their dietary goodness isn’t the only reason we’ve put them on our list.

Brussels sprouts are a diverse cruciferous vegetable that can add quite a bit of flavor to any dish with a variety of ingredients and spice combinations. Our favorite way of serving them is cooked in a light serving of butter with some bacon crumbles and fresh garlic as a tasty topping. Grab some from an outdoor market vendor for something extra fresh and delicious.

3. Cranberries

We know, cranberries aren’t a vegetable, but let’s face it, what would Thanksgiving be without these luscious fruits? While most people serve cranberries with lots of sugar to battle their tartness, we say ease up on the sweetness and let their natural flavors glow.

Not only will their bite add a touch of sweetness to your savory meal, but your body will also receive a great amount of Vitamin C and antioxidants it needs to stay healthy for the post-dinner shopping spree ahead.

4. Squash

No matter the type of squash you use, this vegetable is a colorful and healthy way to liven up your Thanksgiving dinner. Whether you roast it mixed together with other favorite vegetables or break it down into a flavorful soup, we know that your family will appreciate the magnesium, calcium, and fiber these vegetables provide.

5. Greens

If you want a dish that visually stands out amongst the autumnal colors of the other foods at your table, definitely add some greens into your repertoire. Not only are greens one of the most economical foods to bring to the dinner table, but they are also packed with nearly every vitamin your body needs!

Find Everything You Need for Thanksgiving This Year at Frisco Fresh Market

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We know anything bought from our partners is food to be proud of this Thanksgiving.

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