When and Why Did Farmers Markets Become So Popular?

Farmers Market, Local Outdoor Market

Every weekend we see a bustling crowd of community members make its way to vendor booths throughout Frisco Fresh Market.

While we obviously love the love for our establishment and vendors, we thought it would be fun to dig into why outdoor markets are so popular these days and if they’ve always been that way!

Join us on a brief history lesson on farmers markets and the reasons behind why people love them!

A Brief History of the Farmers Market

Believe it or not, farmers markets have been an established business practice since ancient times. In fact, some of the first recorded testaments of farmers markets come from Egypt over 5,000 years ago. 

People in this part of the world used to sell their wares and produce along the Nile River to travelers passing through.

Markets wouldn’t hit the states until the 1600s. However, once they made their mark on our local communities, it was clear that farmers markets were here to stay.

Farmers markets have always been focused on selling fresh produce, meats, and baked goods. Over the years, vendor types have expanded to include 

Why the Farmers Market Boom?

Since the early ‘90s, farmers markets have vastly increased in popularity and accessibility. According to the USDA, there are currently over 8,600 farmers markets in the United States, alone!

So, why the sudden love for outdoor shopping? Let’s find out!

Health has Become a Lifestyle Priority

It’s a fact that fresh, organic produce is the healthiest choice a person can make when shopping for fruits and vegetables. 

Over the last few generations, health consciousness has vastly grown, and many shoppers began to turn to local markets as a trusted source of organic, pesticide-free produce.

As demand for fresh produce continues to grow, we believe communities will only experience further growth in farmers market availability.

People Love to Directly Contribute to Their Community

Local economies and small businesses deserve to thrive, and farmers markets present this excellent opportunity.

While big-box grocery stores don’t typically give back directly to a community, when a person purchases products from a farmers market, their money goes straight into a local farmer’s business and ultimately creates a boost throughout a local economy. 

Farmers Markets Sell By the Season

One of the biggest reasons why people love farmers markets is because we select our booths and produce by the season. Whatever is ripe for the season is what a farmers market will sell. 

This means that not only is freshness guaranteed, but customers may discover new seasonal produce they’ve never tried before.

At Frisco Fresh Market, one of our favorite moments is when a customer walks away eager to try a new piece of seasonal produce (which we know they’ll love) or artisanal product.

The average grocery store may try to follow the seasons with their offerings, but they’ll never bring the variety or sincerity that a farmers market offers with each season.

Continue to Help Farmers Markets Thrive at Frisco Fresh Market

If you want to help your community and ensure your family has the freshest food on its table, spend a weekend with us at Frisco Fresh Market. Our vendors sell the best seasonal produce in town and are ready to help you improve your favorite recipe or introduce you to your new food craze. 

Contact us to learn more about our weekend vendors or how to become a vendor with the Frisco Fresh family!