How Farmers Markets Empower Local Farmers

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If you have not been to the Frisco farmers market across from Toyota Stadium lately, you are missing out on the perfect opportunity to get great organic produce, specialty foods, and other products from the people who produce or grow them. You are also missing out on a wonderful opportunity to help grow the Frisco, Texas, economy and help local farmers.

Local Impact of Farmers Markets on Farms

If you spend $100 at the Frisco Fresh Markets, then about $62 of that purchase stays in the Frisco area. For every $1 million in revenue brought in by the 92 farmers market vendors, they create about 13 jobs.

In the big picture, this means more jobs are created for local farms where the annual production of local goods can thrive. Not only does this boost impact local farmers, but your family and friends also gain easy access to healthier, organic foods year-round.

Reduced Transportation Creates Higher Quality Foods

While the average American meal is trucked over 1,500 miles before reaching your dinner table, it is not that way when you shop at Frisco Fresh Market. When you buy from our vendors, they have already done business in the local economy to grow their crops.

Farmers who don’t have to spend precious resources on gas or third-party transportation can focus more on putting funds into higher-quality food production that benefits everyone in the big picture.

Enjoying Local Entertainment Builds the Local Economy

On many weekends when you visit Frisco Fresh Market, you will discover special events that feature local vendors and entertainment opportunities. These events bring in more people to Frisco who are interested in the event but would not otherwise come to Frisco.

When this happens, local farmers have an even greater chance at vending the fruits of their labor to people who are new to our farmers market. Once people get a taste of the organic goods our farmers have to offer, we know they’ll be back in Frisco for more.

While they are in town, they spend even more money at local restaurants, bars, and hotels, they often shop at the market for the supplies they need, so it is a tremendous local commerce circle that eventually makes its way back to local farmers that use the funds to keep the cycle flowing.

Interact With Professionals who Invest in the Local Economy

When you shop at a farmers market, you can interact with passionate professionals about the food they bake, the crops they grow, and the animals they raise. This is the perfect opportunity to learn how to use or cook with their products at a lower cost. Then, you have more money to spend at other local businesses.

You are doing your part to build Frisco’s economy when you shop at an outdoor market for meat, baked goods, produce, and more. If you have never been to this farmers market or it has been a while, head out to Frisco Fresh Market on a Saturday or Sunday very soon and be amazed at all the products, entertainment, and available food.

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