5 Reasons to Buy Meat From a Farmers Market

Frisco Fresh Market, Healthy Food Benefits

How often have you been to Frisco Fresh Market and returned home with armloads of fresh fruits and vegetables and other specialty food items? That probably occurs every time you visit our outdoor market, yet have you ever considered buying meat here? 

Chances are you have not, yet here we are in Texas, one of the country’s most significant cattle-producing regions. Adding meat to your shopping list simply makes sense and provides several distinct advantages. Consider these five reasons for buying your meat at our outdoor market.

1. Locally Sourced Meat is Environmentally Friendly

Buying locally sourced food, including meat, means fewer food miles and fewer carbon dioxide emissions, as farms don’t need to travel far to get the meat to you. Buying organic meat from local cattle farmers also bypasses corporate practices that often involve cutting costs to produce, ship, and store meat as cheaply as possible

Corporate farms and ranches often do not use environmentally-sound practices, therefore leaving a huge carbon footprint. Local organic meat producers have a much smaller environmental footprint and can easily implement environmentally-friendly and ethical practices.

2. Organic Practices Produce Better Tasting Beef

Small farmers that use a holistic approach to raising cattle that don’t include antibiotics or growth hormones, produce better-tasting meat. Additionally, these animals are only selected for the market when they have attained the proper age and finishing weight for slaughter. Advanced herd-based genetics produces a tasty marbled beef, while local farmers generally put more time and effort into their herds resulting in juicier beef that is decidedly different.

3. Local Organic Meat is Healthier

Local cattle ranchers who come to our outdoor market  feed healthy, natural diets to their herds. Our local ranchers feed their herds organically, meaning the end product will fit into a healthier lifestyle. When you come to our outdoor market, we encourage you to ask questions of our local ranchers about their practices regarding hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, feeding practices, and more. You’ll learn that all of our meat vendors have a deep respect for animals and raise them in ethical ways.

4. Supports the Local Economy

The concept is simple. Locally sourced food supports your community. The better your local economy is, the better its resources, including school salaries, job opportunities, and more. When businesses do well, economic growth follows. Instead of sending your money away to support far-away businesses, it stays local to make a difference.

5. Thinking Beyond the Norm

At any given time, local ranchers will have a limited supply of meat that varies. meaning that they may not always have the cuts you want available. Shopping locally for meat lets you think outside of the box about your meals. When you develop a relationship with a local rancher, you can learn about different food preparation methods for different cuts of organic meat.

Visit Frisco Fresh Market for Local Organic Meat

Change your protein habits by considering meat from Frisco Fresh Market. Contact us to learn more about our local meat vendors and our upcoming community events. We’re ready to be your produce haven this summer.