Top Ways to Make Your Summer Vegetables More Appealing

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Even though we know how much good fresh vegetables do for your body, it’s not surprising that eating the number of vegetables we need each day can get a little bland.

Sometimes adding seasoning to vegetables isn’t enough to make them appealing at your dinner table.

Don’t let your summer vegetables go to waste. Try out these 6 tips that will make your veggies a visual and edible delight!

Turn Your Veggies Into Chips

One way to make eating vegetables a fun affair is to turn them into chips. Air fryers have made veggie chips an easy treat to make for family gatherings. From carrots to zucchini, and the standard potato, you could have delicious, crunchy, healthy, air-fried chips in about a half-hour!

Roast for Prime Flavoring

Vegetables and sweetness are two words that don’t typically go together. However, vegetables do, in fact, have an air of sweetness that is brought out with the right cooking techniques.

Roasting your veggies is the perfect way to bring out the flavor of your produce. All you have to do is dice them up, place them on a well-oiled baking sheet, and toss them in the oven for 20 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit!

Grill Away!

Grilling your vegetables brings out the color in your food and the grill marks add a little extra flair and flavor. A summer barbecue isn’t complete without grilled vegetables, and we guarantee sides like grilled squash or portabella mushrooms are something that even your pickiest guests won’t turn down.

Zoodles Are Always Fun

Zucchini is one of our favorite summer vegetables. However, grilling it as a side can quickly make them a stale staple. Kick this vegetable up a notch and cut them into strings to create Zoodles!

Zucchini noodles are a healthy substitute for pasta that you can easily enjoy on its own or combine with standard grain pasta for added nutritional value.

Smooth Them Out

Blending vegetables like lettuce, kale, and carrots into a fruit smoothie only adds extra benefits to your already healthy snack. Don’t worry, the veggie flavors will only add a mild kick and won’t steal the spotlight from the sweet fruits you’ve blended into your drink.

Combine Them in a Skillet with Other Macronutrients

Vegetables alone don’t make a complete meal. Your body needs a healthy mix of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins with each meal. An easy way to combine them all is in a tasty breakfast skillet.

Mixing vegetables with a morning egg scramble that also has a delicious protein like shredded chicken or steak is an excellent way to spice up your flavor palate and ensure your morning meal starts off with everything your body needs.

Find the Summer Vegetables You Need at Frisco Fresh Market

All of these ideas are great, but taste even better when the vegetables are fresh. At Frisco Fresh Market, our vendors bring organic, pesticide-free vegetables every weekend.

Our outdoor market is the key to unlocking the door to delicious vegetables that give your body essential nutrients.

Find out more about our farmers market today or contact us to learn more about becoming a vendor at our seasonal events!