How to Have a Great Day with Your Dog at a Farmers Market

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Farmers Markets are primarily outdoor local markets that cater to the whole family. At Frisco Fresh Market, we believe that pets are family too!

We understand that on a beautiful day, you may want to spend some time perusing the local offerings of a Farmers Market with your best furry friend at your side.

As we approach our New Year’s opening weekend, we invite you and your dogs to come enjoy the Farmers Market. However, keep these tips in mind to ensure that your trip is a great one for everyone at the Market.

Keep Your Leash Short

Not everyone is comfortable around dogs, and the overall goal of a Farmers Market is to be a place that caters to everyone. We ask that you please keep your dogs on a leash so they don’t unexpectedly get curious and run off into someone else’s good time.

Another tip is to keep your pet’s leash short. A four-to-six-foot leash length, ensures that everyone is granted their walking space, and your leash doesn’t get in the way of someone’s path.

How are Your Pooch’s Manners?

You want to make sure that your dog is completely ready for the Farmers Market. Ensure that your pup is social and is at least comfortable having people around its personal space.

Before you arrive at the Market, review the basic training commands that they’ve learned (i.e. sit, stay, down). This will help reduce the odds of a jumping accident or even nibbling on someone else’s produce while you’re busy shopping around.

Buy Treats for Them while You are at the Market

Speaking of the food at Farmers Markets; all of the smells of delicious goods may leave your dog feeling a little jealous that they can’t join in on the fun. Rather than make them suffer, we suggest buying some high-quality pet treats that are used as special gifts to enjoy at the Farmers Market.

Pet Wants has a huge assortment of wonderful fresh, high-quality pet foods, various treats and chews; CBD Impact offers pet CBD products in addition to human CBD and if you are looking for something very unique for your furry best friend, check out Nature Circle’s booth on Sundays for their Chatty’s Gourmet Goat Cheese Dog Treats.

This will keep your dog happy and prevent curious and costly accidents at a local vendor’s booth.

Bring a Water Source

You never know how long you’ll be at a local Farmers Market, so you want to ensure that your pet has everything they need, especially if they get thirsty. Not all locations will have a pet-friendly watering hole. It’s your responsibility to bring refreshments for your dog.

A great way to keep your pet hydrated is through a collapsible water bowl.

Don’t Forget Waste Bags

Finally, there’s no doubt that eventually, your dog is going to have to use the restroom. At Frisco Fresh Market, we love to keep our grounds clean throughout the Market day and events. While we do have some available on site, we kindly ask that you please bring disposable waste bags that can be used to pick up any droppings that are left on our property.

Keep it sanitary, and keep it fresh with Frisco Fresh Market.

Keep Your Pet Happy and Healthy at Frisco Fresh Market

If you’re ready to enjoy the local foods we provide at Frisco Fresh Market, we’re ready to welcome you and your dogs! Join us on January 16th and 17th for our 2021 Market kickoff.

If you’re a local vendor who wants to get involved, contact us today to learn more about our vendor partnerships.