What to Wear to a Farmers Market as the Weather Gets Colder

Farmers Market, Frisco Fresh Market

Visiting a Farmer’s Market is a weekly or biweekly trip for many families in the Frisco area, and thinking about what to wear to a local Farmers Market is often a thought on the back burner.

However, dressing appropriately for the season and your outdoor activities can help you make the most of your trip to the Frisco Fresh Market. Here are a few ideas for dressing comfortably and appropriately the next time you head out to buy your fresh produce and other wonderful Farmer’s Market goods.

General Fashion at a Farmers Market

Your average Farmers Market doesn’t really have a dress code, but attendees usually dress casually in comfortable clothing. Shopping comfortably usually means wearing shorts in the summer and pants in the winter. It may also mean wearing a sun hat in the summer and a jacket in the winter.

Since your goal at a Farmer’s Market is to purchase items like fresh produce and your fresh groceries, it’s usually best to choose clothing that you won’t mind wearing, even if you’re hauling around a few (reusable) shopping bags. A comfortable sweater or a roomy and breathable jacket will usually make your shopping excursion as comfortable as possible, no matter the weather.

If you’re looking at a day that will start out cold and warm up over time, you might consider wearing some layers. Wear a long-sleeve t-shirt or blouse with a lightweight hoodie for your second layer and another light jacket for your third layer. If you get a little hot during shopping, you can always take off one jacket – or two, if it gets particularly warm and sunny.

Bring Gloves and a Collapsible Wagon

Your hands might pick up produce to test it for freshness when you visit a Farmer’s Market, and they might get cold when they’re not in your pockets. Having some gloves handy can help you keep your hands warm for your Market visit, whether you’re carrying around produce or handing over your payment to a vendor.

Another handy feature you might want to consider during your winter journey to buy fresh produce is a collapsible wagon. Not only can these convenient wagons hold your little ones if you have a child running around and they get tired, but the wagons can also hold your purchases easily, so you’re not overloaded with bags while wearing a thick, puffy jacket.

What Weather to Expect in Frisco in the Winter

On average, December tends to offer about four days of rain with average high temperatures around the upper 50s and low temperatures in the mid-30s. These temperatures aren’t particularly frigid, but they may make it necessary to bundle up in the morning or have an umbrella standing by for the chance that rain might fall when you visit the Frisco Fresh Market.

January is a slightly cooler month, on average than December, so you’ll need to keep those jackets and earmuffs handy for your January trips to your Farmer’s Market. The highs are usually in the mid-50s, and the lows may reach freezing at night. Rain tends to fall approximately five days each January, so you’ll want to keep your umbrella handy.

As winter marches on and Frisco and its Farmer’s Markets reach February, the temperatures start to increase somewhat, with highs reaching 60 degrees Fahrenheit and lows sitting in the mid-30s. The region still gets about five days of rain a month in February, too, so it’s always a good idea to keep your umbrella in the car when you head out to your local food Market.

Regardless of Weather, Experience Local Perfection at Frisco Fresh Market

If you are a lover of local produce and unique crafts, the weather should never keep you away from the Frisco Fresh Market. We are a Frisco Farmers Market that offers the best in seasonal foods and makes every effort to keep our customers comfortable while they peruse our vendor offerings.

If you have any questions about our current vendors or want to become a vendor during the cooler seasons or any seasons, contact us today!