Perfect Your Farmers Market Etiquette This Fall

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Although the Farmers Market is usually something that’s held outside, it doesn’t mean that the event is a free-for-all without its own code of conduct.

While the “code” of the market may not be something posted on display for all to see, it’s still something that we feel that customers should instinctively understand in order to make the event as a whole a pleasant experience for vendors and customers alike.

The next time you plan on visiting a Farmers Market, keep these etiquette tips in mind as you’re perusing your favorite booths.

Be a Good Neighbor, Come Early!

The early bird catches the worm. Or in this case, the best produce a farmer can offer for the day. Yes, coming early has its benefits and it’s also a way to show farmers and vendors that you value the effort they’ve put into the market.

Coming early means you’ll fight fewer crowds, so you may have a few spare moments to get to know your community farmers and better understand what their mission is and why you should continue shopping locally.

Know What’s in Season

Even if you can’t make it early, it’s always better to be prepared. Have a list of what you’re shopping for and understand what is in season in your area. We suggest checking out a local seasonality wheel and come with level expectations as far as the produce you know should be available at this time of the year.

Read All Signage

While all of the vendors at  The Frisco Fresh Market are thrilled to share their goods with you and your family, sometimes answering the same questions about what they have and how much it costs can interfere with mingling in the community. Most booths will have prepared signage that clearly displays their goods for the day and prices per item.

We encourage you to read this signage in order to help:

  • Prepare yourself for what you want to purchase
  • Get your wallet ready (our vendors accept payment via credit card or cash)
  • Keep the line moving as smoothly as possible

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