What’s in Season and Why You Should Buy It!

Farmers Market, Vendors

The vendors at a Farmers Market typically include local farmers who are ready to share the fruits of their labor with the community. Since it is great and important farmers market etiquette to understand what’s in season and what to prioritize on your grocery list 

We decided to help out our seasonal eaters and give a brief glimpse into the produce our outdoorarket in Frisco, Texas has to offer guests.

What Are the Benefits of Seasonal Eating?

Seasonal eating is when a consumer centers their menu around produce that is at its peak freshness during a particular time of the year. 

When you consume produce at its peak, your diet becomes richer in:

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Antioxidants

Not only do you reap the health benefits of consuming seasonal foods, but personally, we believe that fall produce is among some of the tastiest we have on offer all year. This fall, don’t buy produce that’s been mass shipped to your grocer and will go bad within a matter of days.

Trust your local farmers to bring you produce that tastes great and doesn’t come with chemical stipulations and a risky timestamp! Here’s a look at some of the produce our market has to offer and why it’s a great idea to pick these items up!


Beets are a delicious and sometimes tangy vegetable that are known for their deep, dark coloring. Beets are a great way to spruce up the average salad or to create a side that’s dense with nutrients and light on calories.

Some other great reasons to pick up some beets from a local vendor include:

  • They keep your Blood Pressure in check
  • They can improve digestive health
  • Beets support a brain healthy diet
  • They’re a great weight loss food

Pumpkins and Squashes

Pumpkins are synonymous with the fall season. Jack-O-Lanterns and tasty pies are a great way to enjoy the fall season!

Don’t forget about “relatives” squashes; they sure are tasty and can provide consumers with a boost to the immune system, a high dose of antioxidants, and the ability to help decrease the risk of chronic diseases. If that’s not enough to carve a chunk out of your meal for some pumpkin and squash goodness, we don’t know what is!


Texas is known for its spice, and fall is prime hot pepper season! You want these tasty treats while they’re crisp and ripe. Not only do they pack a flavorful punch and crisp taste, but they also beat oranges 3 to 1 when it comes to the amount of vitamin C they provide.


Texas pecans go great with classic pie recipes, but did you know that when you take away all of the sugars, they are still amazingly good for you? That’s right! Pecans are a tree nut that is loaded with nutrients that are associated with heart health, improved cognitive functioning, and improved Blood Pressure control.

Enjoy a Taste of Texas Fall at Frisco Fresh Market

If you want to take a true bite out of what a Texas fall has to offer, bring the family down to the Frisco Fresh Market for a tasty good time. We offer socially distant services with a smile and are ready to fill your bags with produce, meats, fun foods and other locally sourced goods. 

Contact us today to learn more about how you can shop at our local farmers market!!!