What to Consider Before Becoming a Farmers Market Vendor

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The Farmers Market is a wonderful place for communities to gain exposure to new foods and beautifully crafted homemade products. Many farmers and crafty individuals long to sell their goods at a Farmers Market but are new to the idea and don’t know where to begin the journey.

If you are interested in becoming a vendor at a local Farmers Market, here are some basic things to consider before submitting a vending application to your community’s Market.

Know Exactly What You’re Going to Sell

The route to success as a vendor at a Farmers Market is being an expert in what you are selling. Before starting the application process, understand exactly what it is you want to sell. Do you specialize in fresh produce? Fresh meat? Hand-crafted jewelry? Home-made baked goods?

Or do you have another type of product that you think will make a difference in your community?

Once you know your brand’s focus, learn all that you can about your product. Farmers Market customers love to learn new facts about the products they purchase. It adds some trustworthiness and authenticity to your booth space and products.

Another thing to specify in your vendor’s application is what makes your product or booth unique! Do you farm your produce a certain way? Are your animals grass-fed? Is your soil especially well-maintained? Is it a special family recipe that you use?

All of this information is beneficial to making your booth a hit amongst the weekend Farmers Market crowds.

Are You a Certified Food Vendor?

If you’re a food vendor in Texas, it may be helpful to obtain a food handler’s certificate. This is something that will be helpful to display at your booth.

A food handler’s certificate proves to event management and your consumers that you know the local laws and regulations about growing, selling, and practicing food safety with your product.

Safety is at the top of everyone’s mind these days, so adding that extra layer of professionalism can make your booth a trusted stop at the market.

Any vendor selling consumable goods at the Market must present a food handler’s certificate at minimum and must obtain a health permit from the City of Frisco, which must be displayed in their vendor booth.

Understand Your Land Before Becoming a Vendor

If you’re just starting out in the farming industry and know that you want to become a vendor at a Farmers Market, your first big steps to success should be to understand the soil you’ll be working with.

You want your produce to grow as healthy as possible, so research the types of fruits and vegetables that grow well in your local climate. The best produce comes from farmers who know what prime produce to plant for the right seasons. As with everything, practice makes perfect, so ensure that the produce you desire to sell is something you can successfully and sustainably produce.

How You Will Price Your Products

Before starting your booth, have prices in mind for every product you’ll have available. When determining how to price something as homegrown as produce, keep in mind the hard work you’ve put into growing and harvesting it.

It can also be useful to research what other vendors are charging and how the product is priced at an everyday grocery store. The goal should be to hit a healthy medium price-wise that doesn’t undercut other vendors at your Market selling similar items. After all, a Farmers Market is a community event, not a competition.

Become a Vendor Today with Frisco Fresh Market

If you are a local farmer or someone who creates hand-crafted, unique products, Frisco Fresh Market wants to meet you and discuss vendor opportunities. If you’re a first-time vendor we will guide you through the application and approval process and set you on the right path to a partnership.

Contact us today to learn more about our Farmers Market and how to start the vendor application process.