Tips for Selecting the Best Produce at a Farmers Market

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One of the best reasons to shop at a farmers market is the wide selection of fresh, locally grown produce. However, while farmers can generally tell what the best picks of fruits and vegetables are, the average shopper may not be as privy to what’s fresh and what’s not.

At Frisco Fresh Market, we strive to make the outdoor market experience fun and easy. So,  here are some of our tips for picking out the best produce our vendors offer each weekend.

Don’t Fear Irregular Shapes

When it comes to selecting your produce, looks can sometimes be deceiving. The best looking piece of fruit can be bred to look pristine. While this special breeding gives them the look of quality, the truth is that their perfect outer look covers up the lack of nutrition inside. 

Imperfect produce is a sure sign that your goods were grown with care and through traditional practices. So, pick up that lumpier Bell Pepper, or Tomato. You could have some of the best-tasting fruits in the market in your hands!

Remember, although we just said to pick up that imperfectly shaped fruit or vegetable, you should still always strive to select produce that looks colorful and vibrant. This is something that can’t be faked and is a sure sign of freshness.

Test with Your Hands

Speaking of your hands, make sure to extend beyond visuals when inspecting your fruits and vegetables. Pick up your produce. Are the goods heavy? Do they have nice, strong skin and feel them when squeezed?

These are all signs that point to your selection being the right one. If you pick up your produce and it looks bruised or feels like it may break apart in your hands, it’s time to move on to the next piece of produce from the batch.

Always Shop in Season

Various fruits and vegetables are at their peak freshness at different times of the year. Before you take a trip out to the farmers market, do your research and find out what produce is in season. 

Shopping in season doesn’t just mean that you get great-tasting produce. It also offers several other benefits to buyers that include:

  • More nutritionally dense foods
  • The satisfaction of environmentally-friendly consumer practices
  • Less of a financial impact on your locally sourced produce.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

If you’re in a hurry and don’t have the time to squeeze and thoroughly examine your produce, always ask your vendors to hand you the best pieces. Remember, produce prices don’t change by the piece. So, there is no reason that you can’t have the cream of the crop from your produce when you ask for it upfront.

Frisco Fresh Market Keeps Your Produce Selection Tasty

Even if you still feel like you may not be ready to select your own produce from the farmers market, never fear! The vendors and management at Frisco Fresh Market are always available to help our guests select the tastiest items for their meals.

We invite you to enjoy some fun in the sun at our outdoor market and bring home a true taste of Texas pride. Contact us today to learn more about our event.