7 Questions to Always Ask at a Farmers Market

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Farmers markets are known for their transparency about the products they sell. So, many people like to ask the right questions before committing to a quality purchase. 

Answering consumer questions at a farmers market is all part of creating the community experience we strive to perfect. Here are seven questions that can help you better understand where your produce or meat comes from and if a product is right for you.

Did You Grow This?

While this question may seem obvious, the truth is that it’s common for some vendors to purchase wholesale produce and meats then sell them again for a profit.

These sales are typically as fresh as something you’d find at a grocery store which isn’t the peak freshness a farmers market promotes.

This isn’t something you’d find happening at Frisco Fresh Market but is a question you should always ask just to be safe.

Where is Your Farm?

Shopping locally is the whole point of even buying stuff at a farmers market. So, when you are buying from a vendor that sells produce or fresh meats it’s always a good idea to ask where their farm is located.

If it’s within 50 or even 100 miles you’re still making a good contribution to your immediate economy. However, if they’re out of state farmers that are selling produce because it’s in season and they’re in town, it may be best to look for a different vendor.

What Are Your Production Practices?

When you’re buying produce from the farmers market you want the best. Keep in mind, not every farmer that sells at a market is going to be USDA organic certified. However, most farmers at farmers markets do practice sustainable methods for production. 

So, when you’re shopping at a farmers market don’t be afraid to ask how they produce their products. Most farmers will be thrilled to go through the process with you and leave you at ease with purchasing their produce that day and on future visits.

When Did You Harvest This Produce?

Freshness matters with produce. So, be brave and ask when the fruits and vegetables a vendor sells were harvested. You want to get an answer in the range of a day or less.

Any longer, and your food just won’t be as fresh as it needs to be.

What Is This? What Does It Pair Well With?

Most farmers love to talk about the items that they sell and their pending bills. So, ask away!

If you don’t know about a fruit or vegetable, find out what it is; find out what it pairs well with; ask about similar produce that you may already be familiar with.

Farmers market is a place for consumers to explore new tastes and discover their new favorite foods to bring to the dinner table.

Do You Have Any Storage Tips for This Product?

If you are buying a piece of produce or meat that you’re not too familiar with, ask the vendor if they have any storage tips for this product. 

Does it need to be chilled? How long can it wait before serving? Should these products be stored away from other foods?

These are all questions that you need to ask because food safety and storage are important for keeping your family free of foodborne illness.

What Other Produce Do You Sell?

Like we said before, most vendors at a farmers market love to talk about the products that they sell. Keep in mind that the offerings at a particular time of year may change for different vendors. So, if you like what you purchased from a vendor ask them what else they offer during other seasons. 

Chances are, those products are going to be just as fresh and a perfect fit for your next favorite seasonal recipe.

Get Personal with Our Vendors at Frisch Fresh Market

If you’re looking for a farmers market community that is transparent and eager to answer the questions of its customers, Frisco Fresh Market is the place for you.


Our vendors are all vetted and professional. So, that means everyone in our market is ready to meet you and make you feel great about our produce and related products.

Contact us today to learn more about our farmers market or to learn more about how to become a vendor at our Frisco outdoor market.