Tips for Success as a Vendor at a Farmers Market

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Farmers markets are an amazing place to find fresh produce and to pursue a buy fresh buy local plan with your family. You may have visited a farmers market with your family to purchase fresh fruit and vegetables, but you may have never signed up as a vendor.

If you’re thinking of getting your own table at a farmers market in Frisco, here are some of the ways you can set yourself up for success.

Get Professional Signage Made for Your Products

A sloppily hand-written side that advertises strawberries and blueberries is probably fine on the side of the road at a popup stand, but you might want to consider something with a bit more flare when you sign up as a vendor at an outdoor market. If you visit any local farmers market, you’ll notice that most of the vendors have a professionally printed sign.

These signs will include the name of the business, farm, or group that’s selling the product, as well as some basic information about the company. You might see a location, some prices, or a list of products. Most importantly, these signs should feature large, legible writing and valuable information that your customers might otherwise need to ask.

Get a Regular Spot at Your Outdoor Market

One of the biggest successes any farmers market participant can have is with long-term repeat customers. The family that comes to buy your honey every month will keep you in business, and they’ll tell their friends about your fantastic product.

The couple who purchases your gluten-free bread each week will love that you’re always there for them, and they’ll rely on you to keep that food staple in their cupboards. Build brand loyalty, as well as friendships, when you set your table up each week at your local farmers market.

Don’t Pressure People into Sales

Pushy salespeople are a fixture of some markets in countries where bartering, negotiation, and fierce competition are regular parts of the buying process. For most shoppers wandering around farmers markets, however, the last thing they want to encounter is a pushy salesperson trying to sell them something they don’t want.

Instead of trying to get a sale from someone who might not be interested in your product, endeavor to offer as much information in a friendly and approachable manner to anyone who asks. Be prepared to talk about your history, your manufacturing process, and anything else you want to share about what’s on your table.

Consider Multiple Markets

Many cities, like Dallas and its surrounding suburbs, have multiple farmers markets held on various days of the week. Some markets are even permanent installations where you can set up your table as a permanent participant.

If you have the time, consider visiting multiple markets or signing up to sell on multiple days. You might find that you have your Thursday regulars at one spot and your Saturday regulars at another spot.

Set Up Shop at the Frisco Fresh Market

Would you like to become a vendor at Frisco Fresh Market? We have 92 stalls for our vendors each weekend, and we’re a great place to get your fresh business off the ground. Contact us today for more information on becoming a vendor and for our merchant application.