Hunting for Fun at the Farmers Market This Summer

Farmers Market, Local Outdoor Market

Everyone already knows that the farmers market is a wonderful place for families to enjoy shopping for local foods. However, some families may need a little more than just the great outdoors to get their kids excited about community-sourced products.

So, the team at Frisco Fresh Market has come up with a fun scavenger hunt that can be a great time for everyone involved and makes the farmers market an even more inclusive place for all members of the family.

Can You Find a Red Vegetable?

There are lots of red fruits that are sold at a farmer’s market, but sometimes red vegetables can get overlooked. Tell your friends and kids to find a red veggie for their scavenger hunt.

Of course, most will reach for some homegrown tomatoes, but we’ll leave it up to you to determine if that move is too easy.

Seek Out an Imperfect Good

The beauty of naturally sourced produce is that nature doesn’t always create perfection. Sometimes even the most delicious fruits and vegetables can be oddly shaped, or much different in size than the other offerings.

Ask your kids to find an imperfect produce good and add it to your cart. This can be a great teaching moment that shows your kids that what’s on the inside is really where the nutrients are.

Find a Vegetable or Fruit You’ve Never Seen Before

Depending on the age of your children, they are probably used to seeing staple produce like apples, oranges, broccoli, and carrots. Encouraging them to venture out into the market to find a piece of produce that is entirely new to them, could kick the doors wide open for expanded taste buds and richer flavors at the dinner table.

Hunt Down the Ingredients for the Perfect Pizza

Sending your kids on a wild hunt to find fresh pizza ingredients can create a fun experience for everyone that can be enjoyed hours later at home. A farmer’s market is the best source of fresh organic vegetables, tomato sauces, and meats.

Even if pizza isn’t your family’s idea of a fun dinner, this activity can be a fun way to liven up any dish.

Take a Picture of the Coolest Tote Bag

There are going to be tons of totes at a farmer’s market, and not all of them will be bland sacks. Hype your kids up ahead of time and let them know that many outdoor market visitors love to show off their aesthetic through their tote bags.

Encourage your kids to find someone with the most creative, beautiful, or fun tote bag at the market and snap a quick picture for your family scavenger hunt.

Find a Prepped Food That Doesn’t Add Sugar

If your family is on a recent health kick, pinning down foods that don’t contain sugar can be a challenge. Lighten the load of your search and include sugar-free food on your scavenger hunt.

From specialty cakes to hearty salsas, there is always something to find that’s good for you at Frisco Fresh Market.

Grow a Great Time this Summer at Frisco Fresh Market

If you and your family are planning a trip to a local outdoor market, Frisco Fresh Market is always eager to invite you in on our fun. We have a variety of local offerings that range between fresh produce and homemade goods.

Contact us today if you want to learn more about our farmer’s market before your trip. We are also open to hearing from local vendors who feel that they’d be a great fit for our special event.